Why Electronic Toothbrushes May Be Better

Many people patients don’t realize just how important it is to use the right toothbrush for their oral health. They will rely on the sample they get after their 6-month dental visit or buy the cheapest manual tooth out there. What most patients don't understand is the differences in oral health when comparing a manual to an electronic toothbrush.

While using a manual tooth brush is better then nothing, an electronic toothbrush may supersede a manual version for a number of reasons. Electronic brushes help ensure that patients get the best cleaning by reducing their cavity risk and the chance of developing gingivitis and eventually periondontits. Electric versions also apply less pressure to the teeth which help with overall gum and tooth health.

"I can usually tell if a patient is brushing with a manual or electronic toothbrush based on the appearance and health of the gums."- Dr. Machado, DDS

Although a lot of people think that electronic brushes are more aggressive and abrasive, they are typically better for you because they apply less pressure to the area compared to a manual.

If an electronic toothbrush isn't your thing, I always recommend using a manual toothbrush by holding it with only two fingers. This will only allow a small amount of pressure to be applied to the teeth and gums, which is very similar to what an electronic version will do for you and your smile.

I have even been known to provide a live demonstration to the patient during an office visit. I have them spend about 30 to 40 seconds brushing with a manual and follow it up with 30 to 40 seconds of brushing with an electronic one. This way, I can guide the patient about what to feel and how to use each one appropriately.

My patients and I share one common goal: To improve their oral health as independently as possible, and if I can provide education to lead them down that path, my job is done.

-Dr. Machado, DDS

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