Thinking of Getting a Crown?

A dental crown is a replacement or modification of your original tooth. There are several steps involved when someone undergoes a crown of a tooth. Historically, crowning takes place in several steps as listed below:

1. Your initial appointment: This is were we talk about your concerns and options for dental care

2. Numbing of the tooth: In some cases, the tooth and the surrounding gum and neurovascular tissues must be "numbed up" in order to proceed with crown treatment.

3. Preparing the tooth: The tooth must undergo reshaping in order to correctly place the crown. I (Dr. Machado), will have to identify the proper fit for your specific tooth and implement crown treatment.

Historically, when patients elect to have a crown put in they have to have several appointments in order to receive the right treatment. With the advances in dental care, Alpha Family Dental offers same day crowns. This essentially means that we can save you time and you can typically undergo the treatment in 1 seamless visit to our office.

"Alpha Family Dental offers same day crowns."

If you are concerned about your oral health or have ever considered receiving crowns, call us today at 586-293-3434.

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